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Stanford Needs A Course On Taylor Swift's Social Media Marketing

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5 weeks into winter quarter, I realized from a friend that a Taylor Swift course was being supplied. ITALIC 99: All Too Effectively (Ten Week Version), taught by Nona Hungate ’24, is "an in-depth evaluation of Taylor Swift’s ‘All Too Nicely.’" The course acknowledges Swift’s sensible songwriting skills while giving Stanford college students the opportunity to learn how to analyze literature. I do not suppose I've ever felt so sad about not being enrolled in a course.

The closest I've ever gotten to taking a course about Taylor Swift was my Program in Writing and Rhetoric (PWR) 1 class, "From Inexperienced Cards to Gaming Avatars: Types of Identity," with lecturer Nissa Cannon. The only side of the category that associated to Swift was one line within the course description: "Why does Taylor Swift’s album artwork present a distinct version of her than a Vanity Honest profile?" Though none of the actual class content was about Swift, I took that singular line and ran with it — my remaining research-primarily based argument paper was about Swift’s TikTok advertising abilities.

In researching Swift’s advertising and marketing expertise, I realized that there is far to learn from Swift except for her genius songwriting abilities. The general public relations and best incorporate performance marketing company in surat actions carried out by Swift and her marketing staff may produce a fruitful course syllabus that details varied suggestions and tricks for efficient advertising.

Stanford ought to consider offering a course that revolves around Taylor Swift’s entrepreneurship in the entertainment trade. Notably, a course that analyzes Swift’s clever and artistic social media marketing expertise may profit many college students in varied fields, from public relations to economics.

For instance, upfront of her latest album, "Midnights," Swift took to TikTok to release a "Midnights Mayhem With Me" sequence; in every episode, she unveiled the name of a new track. This TikTok series created an immense amount of hype around the album, where followers have been unintentionally promoting the album by reposting, commenting, and utilizing "Midnights" sounds.

The course may additionally analyze Swift’s properly-recognized tactic of putting easter eggs to create hypothesis and conversations about her tasks all over social media. When she persistently hints at there being secret messages in her social media posts, music videos, and even red-carpet appears, followers at all times take to social media to figure out what message Swift is trying to ship.

Moreover, the course might study Taylor Swift’s unimaginable ability to market and promote tangible products in a world of streaming. Despite the rise and prominence of Apple Music, Spotify, and different streaming platforms, Swift is likely one of the few artists that is still in a position to promote substantial portions of CDs, vinyl data and cassette tapes. In actual fact, tangible music products are where a majority of her "Midnights" gross sales got here from.

These gross sales might be attributed in part to a wise marketing technique: encouraging followers to purchase a number of copies of the identical album. For instance, for her "Lover" album, Swift released four bodily deluxe variations, with every model containing a distinct journal with items from Swift’s previous diaries. In this case, it was almost not possible for fans to only buy one deluxe version and miss out on three more journals with content from Swift’s diary.

For "Midnights," Swift took to TikTok to market a (actually cool) merchandise piece. She announced a "Midnights" clock, made up of four totally different versions of the album on vinyl. When the again sides of the 4 completely different variations are put together, they form a clock that’s really useful if fans buy a further clock set.

It is strategies like these, where Swift prompts followers to buy a number of bodily copies of the identical album, that translate to sales and thus help Swift retain her relevance.

Programs that critically analyze Taylor Swift’s literary abilities and cultural affect are already being supplied at universities across the country. The College of Texas supplied the course "The Taylor Swift Songbook" final yr, which targeted on "her songs as literary writing and the methods a popular and award-successful writer makes use of the same literary gadgets, figures, and tropes of traditional poetry in her work." The course instructor, English professor Elizabeth Scala, needed to give attention to educating college students about literary analysis by Swift’s intelligent writing mechanisms, which contain metaphors and the manipulation of words.

However, universities are not only studying Swift’s songwriting skills. In 2022, adjunct instructor Brittany Spanos taught a course at New York College (NYU) about Taylor Swift that delved into varied topics important to understanding the entertainment trade. It also taught students about Swift’s function in perpetuating the youth and girlhood tradition in pop music, social media usage and its impact on the music industry, issues of copyright and ownership, and the prevalence of image and race in contemporary music.

A new Stanford course about Taylor Swift could train new ideas in addition to these taught at the College of Texas or NYU, akin to the current affect of TikTok on Swift’s profession. The unique Taylor Swift model crafted by Swift and her advertising staff could be fascinating to anybody eager to work in the leisure trade or study more about her enduring cultural affect that by no means goes out of model.


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